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May 2013 Capital Synergies Podcast


In this 25 minute podcast, we have the good fortune to interview Mr Dan Fasulo, Managing Director of Research for Real Capital Analytics. Leading the interview will be Mr. Peter Slaugh, Managing Director, and founder of Steelhead Capital.

Timely questions about commercial real estate trends include:

1. Are investors entering a new stabilized lending environment?
2. Any idea what lending volumes investors will see in 2013 vs. 2012 and years prior?
3. Can the appetite be compared between cmbs vs. life company vs. traditional banks?
4. CMBS seems to be on an upward swing again – who are some of the most active participants?
5. How much distressed debt still needs to work itself through the system?
6. Are these troubled loans imposing a drag on new loan originations?
7. There is some talk about changes within the agency lenders (freddie and fannie) - any comment?
8. Any guess on when interest rates will start heading up?
9. How is new tax legislation affecting the way investors view investment property strategy?
10. With the recent recovery in the equities market, will there be any retreat from the overwhelming demand for commercial real estate?
11. Speaking of which – many economists feel the country is poised for economic expansion/growth – yet the debt load along with higher taxation seem to be holding things back?  Along those lines – not so long ago the US's growth prospects seemed hampered by Europe's inability to resolve their own debt crisis – is the U.S. still feeling that burden?
12. Are there certain major markets that are in slow recovery, and which major cities are well on their way?

To hear Mr. Dan Fasulo's expert responses along with the rest of this exclusive interview, click on the audio player above, or download the mp3 file (25mb) below.

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